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The Workshops are split into three streams.

You can either do the same stream all day, or do a different one in the afternoon

These streams are:

Because many of the sessions could cross more than one stream, we have given guidance under each to show who they are suitable for. If you are a pastoral worker, it is here we have advised which sessions would be most helpful for you.

Youth Stream (AM)

Session One: All inclusive.
Mark Arnold (Urban Saints)

In this fast paced interactive session you will pick up 10 key tips and tricks to help you to not just ‘include’ children and young people with additional needs or disabilities, but to create a ‘place of belonging’ for them at your church or group. Includes a useful workbook for every participant to take away. Be inspired, be equipped; become inclusive and enabling!

Also suitable for those working with: Young Adults, Children and family

Session Two: Teaching, Equipping and Flourishing – Teens with Additional Needs growing into the Body of Christ.
Lynn McCann. (Included By Grace)

This session will look at how we can get teens with AN delving into the whole Bible, disciple them, develop their gifts and talents and provide opportunities to enable them to become active and serving members of the Body of Christ as they grow into adults.

Also suitable for those working with: Young Adults, Family & pastoral teams


Children’s Stream (AM)

Session One: Inclusive Messy Church and sensory activities:
Trish Hahn (BRF/MessyChurch)

This session will look at how to run Messy Church for any one with additional needs and disabilities, including how to use sensory toys and activities within a Messy Church service

Also suitable for those working with: Youth and Family

Session Two: Inclusion within an Intergenerational Church:
Martyn Payne (Messy Church researcher – BRF)


A growing body of current research has affirmed the importance of intergenerational faith sharing and nurture within a church. In this session Martyn will explore this thinking and the biblical rationale for the all-age approach, offering practical advice and sharing stories and ideas from his experience of church for all-stages and all-abilities as well as his work with the Messy Church team of the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF). Messy Church is an intergenerational, missional congregation of a church where all are welcomed and encouraged to belong. It is founded on the belief that, for faith to be caught and nurtured, the young need the old so that they can hear and learn from those with experience of what it means to trust God throughout life; and the old need the young, who bring a lively spirituality and eager sense of adventure when it comes to exploring the wonders of God’s creation and what faith in Jesus means. Faith grown in this sort of intergenerational soil is much more likely to put down deep roots and produce lasting fruit.

Also suitable for those working with: Family, Youth and Pastoral teams


Family Stream (AM)

Session One: Supporting families through diagnosis.
Anita Williams and Pippa Ankers (Care for the Family)

A session considering how to care for families pastorally and practically as they find out about their child’s additional needs.

Also suitable for those working with Pastoral teams

Session two: Surround yourself with people who get it.
Beth Mellor (Take 5 & Chat)

This session will look at some of the best ways to support families who are caring for children with additional needs, within the local church and in the wider community. Sharing practical experience, we will see the difference that realistic understanding and community-minded thinking can bring to family life where you live. The session will include opportunities to share ideas and to raise questions.

Also suitable for those working with: Children and Pastoral teams


Youth Stream (PM)

Session Three: Whole Enough?
Rev Haydon Spenceley with Tim Newman and Myles Pilling

This workshop will explore Haydon’s experiences as a young disabled person finding his way into faith and community. We will also hear from Tim and Myles, who together have formed Lighthouse, a group aiming to help people with learning disabilities grow closer to Jesus.

Also suitable for those working with: Families and Pastoral teams

Session Four: Enabling teenagers and young adults with additional needs at Christian events
Sarah Holmes 

In this workshop Sarah will be sharing her experiences of enabling inclusion for teenagers and young adults with additional needs at Christian events such as New Wine and Spring Harvest over the past 10 years. Sarah will share some models for inclusive support and some practical tips and approaches for mobilising volunteers & peer enablers; and working with event teams to promote an inclusive approach within venues.

Also suitable for those working with: Children and families


Children’s Stream (PM)

Session Three: How to write multi-sensory Bible Stories for children and young people with Additional Needs.
Lynn McCann (Included By Grace)

This session will be a practical session where people work together to rewrite a popular Bible story as a multi-sensory experience for children with AN, choose sensory experiences and retell the story to the group.

Also suitable for those working with: Youth and Families

Session Four: Supporting positive behaviour in children and youth work when children have Additional Needs:
Lynn McCann (Included By Grace)

This session will look at identifying the ‘why’ of behaviour. We will look at how by supporting the needs of a child with AN, we can enable engagement and attention in our church and young people’s work. Aiming to help the child can feel accepted and encouraged to be part of God’s family.

Also suitable for those working with: Families, Youth and Pastoral teams


Family/Adults Stream (PM)

Session Three: Communication – be a story-gatherer.
Mat Ray and Cristina Gangemi

Is your church full of untapped skills, passions and stories? Too often, disabled people don’t get the chance to share their stories, leaving them feeling isolated and the church family poorer. This session will talk about the importance of personal story and give you practical tools to help receive and share the stories of people with profound & multiple needs.

Suitable for everyone who wants to get better at communicating with disabled people

Session Four: Enabling Church: Introducing the Course
Rev Zoe Heming with Tim Wood

This interactive workshop will introduce you to a great new resource to help you become a church where disabled people belong. Come and experience a taste of this flexible, new eight-session training course.  Produced by the Churches for All network the pack gives you everything you need to run it for churches in your Diocese/District.

Also suitable for those working with: Children, Youth and Pastoral teams