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Links for Accessible Carol Service resources

To request your Accessible Carol Services guide pack go to our Carol Services page

A Christmas give away booklet

The OUTSIDE/IN booklet is available from Lifewords:
with supporting information at:

The booklet has Bible readings from the Accessible Edition New Testament (Biblica) interspersed with straightforward comments on a theme of inclusivity.

Torch Trust can provide braille and large print editions:
or by email to

Accessible Handouts and Carol Sheets

For guidance on Clear Print from Disability and Jesus:

For braille and/or large print  handouts or songsheets contact Torch Trust:
or enquire by email to
– including Bethlehem Carol Sheets and the OUTSIDE/IN booklet in large print and braille

To access Torch Trust’s online braille and large print transcription tools:

Bethlehem Carol Sheets in standard print can be obtained from Embrace the Middle East:

To use Makaton symbols in print:

BSL Interpreters: Christian Interpreters Network

Signs of God maintain a list of Christian BSL interpreters:
or you can enquire by email:

Accessible Bible

The Accessible Edition New Testament can be ordered from Livability, Torch Trust, Urban Saints and Christian bookshops
or directly from Biblica:

The NIrV text (the text used in the Accessible Edition) is available online from various website and apps –
for example:


To get helpful Stewards reminder cards from Through the Roof:

For a general guide to accessibility at church

Order the Roofbreaker Guide from Through the Roof: