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Fellowship for hard of hearing and deaf Christians

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Contact phone number: 07396 236214 (voice or text)

Our Mission Statement

Open Ears is a non-denominational Christian charity (Registered Charity 1181896) for people who have various degrees of impaired hearing, mainly (but not exclusively) those who communicate orally, assisted by hearing aids or cochlear implants and lip-reading. It aims to provide accessible fellowship, Bible teaching, prayer support and pastoral care, to produce informative literature and a quarterly magazine called Hearing Eye.  We may also give a proportion of our donated income to specified Christian charities and other organisations involved in supporting people with hearing loss.


Open Ears is a member of Churchear, which is a European organisation with very similar aims to Open Ears.  Marylin Kilsby, Chair of Open Ears, attended the Churchear conference in Denmark from Thursday 18 to Monday 22 August 2016.  The next conference will be in Strasbourg, France from Thursday 13 to Monday 17 September 2018.  Please see their website,, for further details.